SEVEN DAY SUNDAY follows teenage dropouts Adam and Tommek as they pass their days hanging out and drinking in their grim housing complex, but as grinding boredom combines with Adam’s need to prove himself and Tommek’s penchant for petty crime, the two make a bet that plunges them into shocking and sudden violence.

“One of the best films that has been on our screens for a long time…” –  MOVIESECTION



International Title: Seven Days Sunday  

Genre: drama

Category: Feature

Year of Production: 2007

Director: Niels Laupert

Screenplay: Niels Laupert

Cinematography: Christoph Dammast

Cast: Ludwig Trepte, Martin Kiefer, Jil Funke  

Producers: Thomas Bartl, Alexander Dierbach, Niels Laupert

Production Companies:  Bartl Laupert Dierbach Filmproduktion

Co-producers : ARRI Film & TV

Length: 76 minutes

Original version: German

Cast: Ludwig Trepte, Martin Kiefer, Jil Funke, Karen Baal, Jennifer Ulrich, Antonio Wannek

Casting: Jacqueline Rietz 

Production Manager: Thomas Bartl

Assistant Director: Stephan Osrainik 

Original sound: Thomas Knop, Hamid Tavakoliyan

Make-up artists: Bea John, Juliane Hübner 

Costume design: Christian Röhrs

Set design: Mathias Friedrich 

Music: Michael Heilrath 

Editors:  Hansjörg Weissbrich, Niels Laupert

Digital colorist : Manfred Turek

Mixing: Bernhard Maurer 

Sound design: Christof Ebhardt